Schedule of Services

Join us and celebrate with us Friday night Shabbat Services every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.  There will be no services on Friday, July 4, 2014.

For Saturday morning Shabbat Services, please check the calendar.

Sunday ... 9:30 until 11:30 AM

No Sunday School at this time


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February 1, 2011

We are Congregation Degel Israel of Watertown, New York.

Congregation Degel Israel represents more than 100 years of Jewish presence in Jefferson County.  We are the only full-service synagogue since 1908. 

Congregation Degel Israel looks toward continued growth and service in the future.  Let the tradition continue!

High Holiday Schedule for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur with Rabbi Shira

  • Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 6 PM, Erev Rosh HaShanah Ma’ariv Services

  • Thursday, September 25, 9:30 AM, Rosh HaShanah Services with Torah Service

  • Thursday, September 25, 5:30 PM, Tashlich and Ma’ariv Services

  • Friday, September 26, 11 AM – 1 PM, Lunch & Learn

  • Friday, September 26, 7:30 PM, Friday Night Shabbat Services

  • Saturday, September 27, 9:30 AM Saturday Morning Shabbat Services with Torah Service

  • Sunday, September 28, 10 AM – 11 AM, Prayers at the Cemetery

  • Friday, October 3, 6:30 PM, Mincha and Kol Nidrei Services

  • Saturday, October 4, 9:30 AM, Yom Kippur Services with Torah Service

  • Saturday, October 4, 5:30 PM, Mincha, Nei’ila, Ma’ariv, Shofar and Havdalah Services

  • Saturday, October 5, 8:30 PM, Break-the-Fast at Shuler’s Restaurant, 802 Mill Street Watertown, NY

The history of Congregation Degel Israel

Congregation Degel Israel was founded in the early 1890s. Services were either conducted in private homes or places of business, without a rabbi. In 1903, the budding congregation leased rooms in the Doolittle & Hall Block, now the Lincoln Building, Public Square.  The congregation was called Standard of Israel.

In November 1907, the present Congregation Degel Israel was incorporated. The old Synagogue, located on Prospect Street, was purchased and dedicated on November 13, 1907. On March 11, 1922, a fire caused extensive damage. The building was repaired and rededicated on July 3, 1922. This building served the community until April 1953.

Ground was broken for a new building at 557 Thompson Boulevard on June 3, 1952, and dedicated on August 31, 1953.

An amendment to the Synagogue by-laws in 1984 granted women the right of full participation in ritual, social, and business activities of the Synagogue. A year later, the Synagogue changed its status from Traditional Conservative to Egalitarian.

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